About Us

Our Mission

At Last Mile Records we want to empower and elevate artists to reach their fullest creative potential while providing a supportive and collaborative environment that fosters artistic growth. 

We are fanatics of all genres of rock and metal, and want help pave the way for artists.

It is our belief that for too long have artists been left behind, and neglected by their represented labels. We want to change that, and provide artists at Last Mile Records with a solid foundation, on which to grow their career.

Our Values

Our core values of integrity, transparency, and fairness guide every aspect of our label’s operations. We feel that artists should always feel in the loop, and know what is going on.

We are not the world’s biggest label, but we make up for it with pure dedication helping to elevate our artists. 

Last Mile Records focuses on artists within the rock and metal sphere. However, we prioritize the impact and appeal of the songs above genre. With a diverse roster spanning Post-Hardcore, Nu-Metal, and Post-Punk, we don’t limit ourselves to one particular genre – we let the music define us. Our mission is to elevate artists and help them reach their goals, and we pride ourselves on having the expertise to do so.

Our Services


We make sure your music gets to all relevant DSP's as well as Instagram and TikTok all with the right metadata embedded from the get go.


By utilizing our network, we pitch your music to blogs, playlists, radio, magazines, webzines and loads more places, to get all eyes and ears on your music.

Digital Marketing

With large expertise in digital marketing, we are able to create tailored strategies for your social media, among other channels.

The Last Mile Team

Last Mile Records consist of a small team, that is all committed to promoting and elevating their artists.

Jimmy Nielsen


Patrick Christoffersen


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