VIOLENCE is a post-punk/dream-pop band from Copenhagen, that combines the dreamy tones of the ‘80’s and the sound of modern rock music in its biggest format.

VIOLENCE’s sonic terrain is forged of melancholic- and transcending tones. The weightless uniserve draws multiple parallels to The Cure’s “Disintegration”-era, understood and conveyed into a newly interpreted and up-to-date context. The major-scale tones and airtight production (Chris Kreutzfeldt — Møl/Cabal/Siamese), will besides that create associations to pompous stadion rock-band like The 1975 and Bring Me The Horizon. As yet another spice in the musical cocktail, VIOLENCE will add a dash of wildness and carelessness often found in the punk genre. Punk have had enourmous importance for the band — that with more than one hundred european concerts, (including sold-out danish concerts; VEGA, Pumpehuset etc.) — would categorize themselves as experienced in the underground music environment without blinking. The members were known as the hardcore punk band WOES back then — a band that has since been shelved in search for a sound which resonates more with the visions of the members.

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